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The Collaborative International Dictionary

Risibility \Ris`i*bil"i*ty\, n. [CF. F. risibilit['e].] The quality of being risible; as, risibility is peculiar to the human species.

A strong and obvious disposition to risibility.
--Sir W. Scott.


n. The property of being risible.


n. a disposition to laugh

Usage examples of "risibility".

First, so that human nature be the cause thereof: thus risibility is befitting to Socrates by reason of human nature, being caused by its principles.

Phoebe had endured dark, late nights stuck at an unsteady round of table at the far end of a murky-aired room in venues called HaHa and Risibility, located in tough, third-string cities.

They tried cajoling, they tried threatening, they tried rational argument, they tried inductive logic, they tried deductive logic, they tried salary incentives, they tried profit sharing, they tried tickling his risibilities, they tried tickling his feet, they tried punching him, they tried shocking him, they tried arresting him, they tried crowbars, they tried hosing him down with cold water, then hot water, then seltzer water, they tried suction devices, they tried sensory deprivation, they tried doping him into unconsciousness.

The female, when her risibility is once aroused, can laugh down the hyena or the jackal or the wild-cat.