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n. 1 A Vedic poet and seer who composed Rigvedic hymns, who alone or with others invokes the deities with poetry of a sacred character. 2 (''post-Vedic'') A Hindu sage or saint occupying the same position in India history as the patriarchs of other countries, constituting a peculiar class of beings in the early mythical system, as distinct from Asuras, Devas and mortal men.


In the Vedas the term Rishi ( ) denotes an inspired poet of Vedic hymns. Post-Vedic tradition of Hinduism regards the Rishis (or Ruesi in Laos and Thailand) as "seers" or "sages", who after intense meditation ( Tapas) realized truths and eternal knowledge, which they composed into hymns.

Rishi (film)

Rishi is a 2001 Indian Tamil film, written and directed by Sundar C.. The film stars Sarath Kumar, Meena, Prakash Raj and Sanghavi in lead roles, has music scored by Yuvan Shankar Raja and was released on 16 February 2001. This movie did well and was a surprise hit.

Rishi (disambiguation)

Rishi Prakash generally refers to:

  • Rishi

Rishi may also refer to:

Rishi (actor)

Rishi is an Indian film, theatre and television actor. He is a regular performer on the Chennai stage and is best known for his trend-setting anchoring style in Sun TV's phenomenally successful Deala No Deala (Tamil version of Deal or No Deal).His second non-fiction show with Endemol India was Sun TV's Kaiyil Oru Kodi (Tamil version of Million Dollar Money Drop), one of the most successful TV programmes of the year. Rishi has appeared in supporting roles in Tamil films most notably Anandha Thandavam and Payanam (Gaganam in Telugu).

He is currently the brand ambassador for Vim Liquid for South India. He is currently in talks with producers to remake the Malayalam super-hit Diamond Necklace (film) in Tamil.

Rishi (2005 film)

Rishi is a 2005 Indian Kannada romance film directed and written by Prakash. The film stars Shivarajkumar, Vijay Raghavendra, Radhika Kumaraswamy and Sindhu Tolani in the lead roles along with Srinath and Avinash in other prominent roles. The score and soundtrack was by Gurukiran whose compositions were appreciated by critics and masses. The film eventually went on to become one of the hits of the year 2005. The film was remade in Telugu as Bangaru Babu (2009) with Jagapathi Babu.

Rishi (1992 film)

Rishi is a 1992 Indian Malayalam film, directed by J Williams, starring Girish Kumar and Silk Smitha in the lead roles.

Usage examples of "rishi".

After Yago and Atreus squeezed past, Rishi turned to kick the wedge free.

He was close enough to push the basket through the window, but Rishi was in the way.

It was you who were responsible for my conversion from a ruling kshatriya maharaja into a spiritual seeker, a rishi, then a maharishi, and eventually a brahmarishi.

And noble Raghu had already bankrupted his royal treasury by gifting all he owned as dakshina to one rishi when he was called upon by another rishi to deliver a fabulous sum as guru-dakshina.

And Rishi Vamadeva, who perforce lived in the palace to supervise the small army of purohits the sunwood throne employed, slept on a mat of rushes and ate simple fare from an earthen bowl.

A young rishi, with a smile as wide as his waist was narrow, came out, beaming warmly.

He presented his feet for the customary arghya and was washed by Rishi Adhranga himself.

Except it was early morning, almost sunrise, and the rishi was younger, his pepper-salt hair completely black, as was his beard.

Rama and Lakshman glanced at each other and turned their faces away, to avoid letting the rishi see the gouts of laughter that threatened to burst free.

Vishwamitra had followed with Rishi Adhranga and the older Rishis, and they said their farewells now, speaking the customary ritual blessings and mantras.

Parantu, mahadev, just last night Rishi Adhranga told us the story of how Kartikeya killed her.

The chanting rose from a thousand brahmins led by the court purohit Rishi Vamadeva.

A very tall rishi, his bun whiter and face more lined than all the others, hurried forward, prostrating himself before the seer and kissing his feet reverentially.

The night had turned cold after sundown, and Rishi Adhranga inquired if they would prefer to sleep out of doors beside the fire or indoors without a fire.

The rishi nodded sagely, bowing his head and folding his hands to the seer.