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The Collaborative International Dictionary

Ris \Ris\, n. [AS. hr[=i]s; akin to D. rils, G. reis, OHG. hr[=i]s.] A bough or branch; a twig. [Obs.]

As white as is the blossom upon the ris.


Ris may refer to the following:

  • Ris, Puy-de-Dôme, a commune in the Puy-de-Dôme department, France
  • Ris, Hautes-Pyrénées, a commune in the Hautes-Pyrénées department, France
  • Ris, Norway
  • Diane Ris (1932–2013), Catholic nun, educator and author
  • Friedrich Ris (1867–1931), Swiss physician and entomologist
  • Sweetbread, a type of offal, also known as ris
Ris (station)

Ris is a rapid transit station of the Oslo Metro's Holmenkollen Line. It is situated in the Ris neighborhood of the Oslo, Norway, borough of Vestre Aker. Located from Stortinget, the station is served by Line 1 of the metro every fifteen minutes. Travel time to Stortinget is 11 minutes. The station opened on 31 May 1898. A shed was moved to the station in 1916. There are proposals to extend the platforms.

RIS (file format)

RIS is a standardized tag format developed by Research Information Systems, Incorporated (the format name refers to the company) to enable citation programs to exchange data. It is supported by a number of reference managers. Many digital libraries, like IEEE Xplore, Scopus, the ACM Portal, Scopemed, ScienceDirect, SpringerLink and Rayyan QCRI can export citations in this format. Major reference/citation manager applications, like Zotero, Mendeley, and EndNote can export and import citations in this format.

Usage examples of "ris".

Pope, quite mollified, and sitting down again at the table that he had ris from in the first pluff of his indignation.

Pitt opted for ris de veau ou cervelles au beurre noir, sweetbreads in brown butter sauce served with baked mushroom caps stuffed with crab enhanced by a boiled artichoke with hollandaise sauce.

I love making those little mountains of chive-mashed potatoes, wild mushrooms, ris de veau, a nice, tall micro-green salad as garnish, drizzling a perfectly reduced sauce around the plate with my favorite spoon.

I had had it at Rusterman's, where they call it ris de veau amandine, and Fritz's is always better.

Anatole, I was thinking, would no doubt give us of his best, possibly his Timbale de ris de veau Toulousaine or his Sylphides a la creme d'ecrevisses, but Spode would be there and Madeline would be there and Florence would be there and L.