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Usage examples of "rippe".

His hair was rumpled, his jacket ripped, but otherwise he looked totally unscathed.

They were using all kinds of makeshift stretchers, Nicky even saw one made out of a door ripped from a telephone booth and tied to two long pieces of iron pipe.

She was the one who had ripped open a wound that had partially healed during the past three years, and in so doing had caused new suffering.

Michael thought, a viewing platform over some ghastly resort of blood and ripped flesh.

It appeared as if a shell with a contact fuse had gouged a shallow hole in the stone and the shrapnel had ripped out gouges which radiated in all directions from the center crater.

The Tomcat seemed to crouch, gathering strength as its two engines ripped the night apart.

Crouching below the wall he ripped a strip of cotton from his loincloth with his teeth and started to bind it around his own arm above the wound.

Craig was thrown over the seat half on top of Sally-Anne, and the bleeding trooper was caught by his dangling legs in a thorn bush and ripped out through the rear door.

The volley ripped into the unprepared guards before they could bring up their weapons.

The machine-gun bullet had ripped through his aluminium shin, leaving a ragged exit hole in the calf, but ed the sharp the articulated ankle was undamaged.

The open doors had been ripped away from their hinges, and they flung off their seat-belts and tumbled out onto the rocky ground, and they ran.

He reached the surface and ripped the mask off his head, snorting and coughing at the fresh air.

He pulled with all the strength of his arms and his body and the hose ripped out of the oxygen bag.

With his claspknifelie ripped out the combination locks and opened the lid of the attache case.

The government acknowledged the fact in its own way by putting out a story that Owen had ripped himself open with a knife given to him to eat his meat--while his keeper was conveniently looking elsewhere--rather than face renewed bouts of torture.