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vb. (en-past of: ripe)

Usage examples of "riped".

They riped her mother, and then, since that legally made Juanita an orphan, they riped her.

I stared at it for ten minutes, maybe longer, and I asked myself over and over: If I was unwilling to risk putting the soulner through sharding and dissolution, then was I willing to turn off the power source of that satellite, and let the riped core fail?

For all Mal knew, Fred had been riped many times, with the person he really was having lived a hundred or more years ago.

Her eyes were bright and empty, betraying her riped and enslaved mind.

The person being riped still had their original persona, but it was locked away.

Our society now moves the riped mind, discarding the old body and brain, into a new host.

After relocation, the mind is riped again, to better suit the new needs of their owners.

December, 2543, when I was riped as the line processing core for a foundry located on the Thames, near London.

When I was first riped into this body, I thought of them as my memories, my mind, my soul--like you have the memories, mind, and soul of the small boy you once were.

NATech patrol, the person in the psychosuit was an outcast, a psychotic being that had been riped by NATech to serve them.

But it allowed those who had already been riped to continue on in their current state, until death by natural causes.

I mentioned the security set up that was run by one riped homeless man?

They were pleasure ripes: creatures whose minds had been riped to obey the whims of whomever owned them.

I wanted to find out about the two riped women, and maybe get in some hoops with the girls, oh!

I knew that I was riped to believe I was from France-Professor LeClaire had told me everything about my past-but knowing I was a soulless human did not change my feelings.