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Ripa (rione of Rome)

Ripa is the XII rione of Rome, located in Municipio I. The logo is a white rudder on a red background, to remind the port of Ripa Grande, placed in Trastevere, but facing the rione.


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Usage examples of "ripa".

The fantastic dance of death in San Francesco a Ripa is almost the last of its kind.

Florentines were bankers, others were silk and wool merchants, jewelers, importers of wheat, gold- and silversmiths, shipowners and shipbuilders who had thriving ports at Ripa Grande and Ripetta, where boats came up the Tiber from the sea carrying luxuries from the Near East, wines and oil from Tuscany, marble from Carrara, timber from across the Adriatic.

Carrara, advising him that another shipment of marbles would reach the Ripa Grande early in May.

riparian lobster, steamed ripa root, saut6ed Vermilion mushrooms, a side of chubba, and Myklenian ale.

Then Ripa became enthusiastic and chimed in with his hoarse old voice.

They drove along the foot of the leafy Aventino and caught a glimpse of the boats laden with Sicilian wine anchored in the port of Ripa Grande.

Isola Tiberina, then over the next bridge to the west bank of the Tiber and down to the vast riverside hospital of San Michele, beyond which lay their destination: the Porto di Ripa Grande, principal river-port of the city.

Martins caught the fancy of Kelly Ripa, who promoted it through her Reading with Ripa Book Club in 2003, with many successful Nerds following.

Ipsi ex finitimis regionibus copias cogere, praesidia custodiasque ad ripas Ligeris disponere equitatumque omnibus locis iniciendi timoris causa ostentare coeperunt, si ab re frumentaria Romanos excludere aut adductos inopia in provinciam espellere possent.