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Longman Dictionary of Contemporary English
▪ You got me all riled up.
▪ First, the subject, women in the military, is one I can get pretty riled up about.
▪ The policy has people riled up and ready to take action.
▪ Do not allow the interviewer to rile you.
▪ He is therefore easily riled or mocked.
▪ I knew he was trying to rile me, but I was determined to keep calm.
▪ Nothing riles these two big fellows.
▪ She riles you and enjoys getting a rise out of you.
▪ They have a knack for doing everything possible to rile the snakes and each other.
▪ They often reviled the clergy and riled the congregations of Puritans, denouncing all worship but their own as false.
▪ You got me all riled up.
The Collaborative International Dictionary

Rile \Rile\ (r[imac]l), v. t. [imp. & p. p. Riled (r[imac]ld); p. pr. & vb. n. Riling.] [See Roil.]

  1. To render turbid or muddy; to stir up; to roil.

  2. To stir up in feelings; to make angry; to vex.

    Note: In both senses provincial in England and colloquial in the United States.

Douglas Harper's Etymology Dictionary

1825, American English spelling alteration to reflect a dialectal pronunciation of roil (q.v.); compare heist from hoist and in the same era spile for spoil (v.). Bartlett writes that in both England and America roil "is now commonly pronounced and written rile" ["Dictionary of Americanisms," 1848]. Related: Riled; riling.


vb. to make angry

  1. v. cause annoyance in; disturb, especially by minor irritations; "Mosquitoes buzzing in my ear really bothers me"; "It irritates me that she never closes the door after she leaves" [syn: annoy, rag, get to, bother, get at, irritate, nark, nettle, gravel, vex, chafe, devil]

  2. make turbid by stirring up the sediments of [syn: roil]

Usage examples of "rile".

And anyway, I was riled up by now so I jutted my jaw and stared at her, feeling faint because my heart was locked into atrial fibrillation.

Less inured to tough setbacks, too riled to accept the wormwood of defeat, the senior enchantress paced the shed in mincing steps and balked tension.

There was a smell of perfume still in the air, and the resiny, animal smell, and the smell of the mystical sea, and the sweet cloaking smell of hair all riled up by sex.

Lord Commander beat the ice from the folds of his mantle, and sat, riled to a pang of rare temper.

Well, sometimes this magazine publishes stories that must not be read only on the surface, and, as is almost inevitable, this riles a number of readers.

I began to git a little riled, fur when he called me a Myth he puncht me putty hard.

He avoided a woman in a tent-like fur coat, then went through the revolving doors into the delusory warmth of strip-lighting in the high Riling.

Riled as a cat doused in rainfall, Mearn capped the blaze of his temper.

Even Celeste's yattering failed to rile him, perhaps because she talked mostly about drycleaning instead of her cats and rice pudding and the world's tallest woman.

A blown-up aerial mosaic of the Castle of Death and the surrounding country was produced from a riling cabinet and laid out on the desk.

But you are all riled up like a mashed cat and it's not just her or Orlanda, it's also Line and the hundreds of available girls you've already seen and you haven't even looked in the dance halls and bars and houses where they specialize.

They've been riled up by that dragon of the magic clock, you know, and are looking for Frex to kill him.

Though Hengest had been dead-drunk for most of the last nights doings, when he woke he recalled enough to rile him and he pummelled the rest of the details out of Wulfstan's hide.

  He larfed into my face, which rather Riled me, as I had been perfeckly virtoous and respectable in my observashuns.

He's already riled up about Chicago crime, and Lingle was his blue-eyed boy.