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As a location, Rigsby may refer to:

  • Rigsby, Lincolnshire
  • Rigsby Islands, in the Antarctic

As a surname, Rigsby may refer to:

  • Jim Rigsby (1923-1952), an American race car driver
  • Alex Rigsby (born 1992), an ice hockey goalkeeper
  • Rigsby sisters, former insurance claim adjusters involved in a 21st-century U.S. court case
  • House of Heroes, an American Christian band at one time including brothers Colin & Jared Rigsby

As a character name, Rigsby may refer to:

  • Wayne Rigsby, a character in the 21st century police procedural The Mentalist
  • Rupert Rigsby, a character in the 1970s comedy Rising Damp

Usage examples of "rigsby".

I was greatly informed, too, by the reflections and stories of Howard Rigsby, who also read and commented on a draft of this manuscript, a kindness also generously provided by Julian Solotorovsky.

She was exhausted They had stayed up very late, quarreling over his having taken the Rigsby woman to New Orleans.