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Douglas Harper's Etymology Dictionary

"right-handed person," 1949, from right (adj.2) + -y (3).


alt. A right-handed person. interj. (context informal English) right; used to indicate agreement or change of topic. n. A right-handed person.


Righty may refer to:

  • Right-hander or righty, someone who is right-handed

Usage examples of "righty".

Some left-handed hitters fared worse against lefties than righties, and some right-handed hitters fared worse against righties than lefties.

That may not seem like much, but think of it this way: of every hundred lefties, one dies each year, on average, from causes that don't affect righties.

Panic tried to jump up into her throat, and then she suddenly remembered the rusty old pickup truck Bill Dunn drove on his caretaking rounds, and the joke sticker on the back bumper: LEFTY LOOSEY, RIGHTY TIGHTY, it said.

There are lefties and righties, apparently, and each finds the other version highly offensive.