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Longman Dictionary of Contemporary English
justifiably/justly/rightly proud (=with good reason)
▪ He is justifiably proud of what he and his father achieved.
remember rightly/correctly
▪ You were still at school, if I remember rightly.
rightly expect (=with good reason)
▪ The public rightly expects government officials to be honest.
▪ This hotel can rightly claim that it has some of the best views on the island.
▪ The band has recently taken delivery of a splendid new uniform which the members are rightly proud of.
▪ That is a major advance in the concept of public service of which the Government are rightly proud.
▪ Yes, when it comes to social events, the Athletico Supporters' Club can feel rightly proud.
▪ The Blackpool Tramway is rightly claimed as the first and last street tramway and unique in many other ways.
▪ General Norman Schwarzkopf rightly describes the military value of these missiles as negligible.
▪ These are rightly described as pressure-points in the lives of women.
▪ When they can't, they rightly expect that the country they pay into will help them out.
▪ Users rightly expect the same standard of packaging as is found with other resources such as books and audiovisual material.
▪ But it is the people of Bishop Auckland who can rightly feel proud that they were the prime movers.
▪ Curriculum managers reading this discussion may rightly feel that this magisterial balance has rather little to offer to their own pressing concerns.
▪ Yes, when it comes to social events, the Athletico Supporters' Club can feel rightly proud.
▪ Editors rightly feel strongly about scientific fraud.
▪ They may rightly feel that it is all really rather appalling.
▪ He rightly felt that he did it well.
▪ And nice houses, if I remember rightly.
▪ There was a cloakroom too, if she remembered rightly, with a nice rosy brick floor that really paid for doing.
▪ As a matter o' fact we sat on this very seat, an' if I remember rightly, I stole a kiss.
▪ We thought you'd like this one, taken in Sliema, beside a pub, if I remember rightly.
▪ He rightly said that passenger facilities were absolutely appalling, especially the absence of adequate public lavatories.
▪ The president has rightly said that the bill will likely die if delayed, as has happened so often in the past.
▪ Mention this to most clergymen and they will rightly say that spiritual development is far more important than a degree.
▪ As you rightly say, your feelings may change.
▪ People will rightly see this as money badly raised and badly spent, futile frittering of fortunes to virtually zero electoral effect.
▪ In the collaborative meritocracy, people who are talented enough and committed enough are rightly seen as indispensable.
▪ That was rightly seen as a ludicrously intransigent position.
Rightly or wrongly, many employees feel pushed to work longer hours.
▪ As he rightly pointed out, there is no real evidence that the president acted improperly.
▪ Buller's actions have been rightly criticized as ineffective.
▪ Doctorow's "Billy Bathgate" novel has been rightly hailed as an American classic.
▪ Investors have quite rightly avoided this stock.
▪ Residents are outraged, and rightly so.
▪ Taxpayers rightly expect the government to be careful about spending.
▪ The U.S. is rightly cautious about becoming involved.
▪ Voters are rightly concerned about paying higher taxes.
▪ Many organizations see this as a blind leap of faith, and rightly so.
▪ Students will rightly object that a model in which income is received in bonds is hardly realistic.
▪ The United States has rightly stated that those flights are justified and will continue.
▪ They are drastic pieces of legislation which should rightly occupy a large part of the time of the House.
▪ Users rightly expect the same standard of packaging as is found with other resources such as books and audiovisual material.
▪ When such replication and variation is found we may rightly ask, what were the factors controlling the results?
▪ Yes, when it comes to social events, the Athletico Supporters' Club can feel rightly proud.
The Collaborative International Dictionary

Rightly \Right"ly\, adv. [AS. richtlice.]

  1. Straightly; directly; in front. [Obs.]

  2. According to justice; according to the divine will or moral rectitude; uprightly; as, duty rightly performed.

  3. Properly; fitly; suitably; appropriately.

    Eve rightly called, Mother of all mankind.

  4. According to truth or fact; correctly; not erroneously; exactly. ``I can not rightly say.''

    Thou didst not rightly see.

Douglas Harper's Etymology Dictionary

Old English rihtlice "justly, virtuously; properly, regularly, correctly;" see right (adj.1) + -ly (2).


adv. aright, in a right manner, correctly, justifiably.


adv. with honesty; "he was rightly considered the greatest singer of his time" [syn: justly, justifiedly] [ant: unjustly]

Usage examples of "rightly".

Winfield Scott, the veteran General-in-Chief, rightly revered by the whole service as a most experienced, farsighted, and practical man, was ably assisted by W.

So might we better now agen, If we knew how, as then we did, To use them rightly in our need: 550 Tumults, by which the mutinous Betray themselves instead of us.

Huskisson rightly asked whether this amercement of five pounds, and this subscription of one shilling a week to the funds of the association, which every member was called upon to pay and contribute, would not produce to each of the parties, if placed in a saving-bank, far more beneficial and advantageous results?

He believed true wisdom to be an attainable idea, and that the moral convictions of the mind, those eternal instincts of temperance, conscientiousness, and justice, implanted in it by the gods, could not deceive, if rightly interpreted.

Rightly were you dipped three times, because you were baptized in the name of Jesus Christ, Who on the third day rose again from the dead.

As you so rightly surmise, bibliomania is indeed one of my principal pleasures, the other being alcoholism.

The civvies were straight down into the foot wells of their vehicles and quite rightly so.

Often and often I wondered: should I rightly be wearing the soccus of comedy or the cothurnus of tragedy?

I confess that the night you spent with us was a cruel one, but I do not think that you did rightly in giving up your visits to Madame Orio.

Nor for a moment I did think you capable of leaving me to my fate as a punishment for having refused to give way to your transports, and I am glad that I read your character rightly.

Before sounding the alarm he ran for his digicam, rightly anticipating that everybody in Alfa soon would swarm in and obliterate every clue.

Rightly, then, should France worship, and deafen the disaccord Of those who dare withstand an irresistible sword To thwart his predestined subjection of Europe.

He was prepared for the presence of Dodger, whom he rightly concluded to be the agent of Tim Bolton, but he could not understand why Florence should be in the library at this late hour.

Gordon had guessed rightly that Durk Undis did not want to go back to his superior and report the mission aborted by such a slight difficulty.

Green to Literature and Science delivering a most undeserved eulogium on myself, with a more rightly directed one on Arnold, Swinburne, and the old pride of Balliol, Clough: this was cleverly and almost touchingly answered by dear Mat Arnold.