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The Collaborative International Dictionary

Righten \Right"en\, v. t. To do justice to. [Obs.]

Relieve [marginal reading, righten] the opressed.
--Isa. i. 17.


vb. 1 (context transitive English) To make right; correct. 2 (context transitive English) To set right or upright; right.

Usage examples of "righten".

Somewhere beneath the grainy bark something like muscles must be sliding and clenching, to righten displacements and masses and maintain the even turning of the huge whirling organism.

The sails, but vaguely discernible behind the forecastle deck and above the bowsprit, swollen by the raging force of the storm, were bearing back in their enormity, in order to, having gained the crest, righten themselves and then, tilting over the void, speed the vessel on towards new billows.

The two scientists clung to their couches while the pilot rightened the ship.

Then my groping fingers brushed the inner surface of the portal and the world rightened itself about me.

To The Shadow, the mental rightening of that scrawl was not too difficult a task.