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Riggs is a surname. Notable people with the surname include:

  • Arthur Riggs (geneticist), American geneticist
  • Arthur Stanley Riggs (1879–1952), American author and historian
  • Bobby Riggs (1918–1995), American tennis player
  • Chandler Riggs (born June 27, 1999), American actor
  • Christina Marie Riggs (1971-2000), Arkansas nurse, executed for killing her children
  • Dax Riggs, musician
  • Derek Riggs, British artist
  • Dudley Riggs (born 1932), American comedian
  • Elmer S. Riggs (1869–1963), American paleontologist
  • Frank Riggs (born 1950), Californian politician
  • George Washington Riggs, American banker
  • Gerald Riggs former NFL running back
  • James Garland Riggs, saxophonist (classical and jazz) and collegiate music educator
  • Jerry Riggs, American rock musician (also founder of the band Riggs)
  • Jim Riggs (born 1941), American saxophonist
  • Joe Riggs (born 1982), American mixed martial arts fighter
  • John M. Riggs, retired US Army Major General
  • L. A. "Speed" Riggs, tobacco auctioneer and advertising spokesman for American Tobacco Company
  • Marlon Riggs (1957–1994), American poet, educator, filmmaker, and activist
  • Mike Riggs, American guitarist for Scum of the Earth and Rob Zombie
  • R. William Riggs, former Oregon Supreme Court judge
  • Scott Riggs (born 1971), American race car driver
  • Scott Antol or Scotty Riggs, American professional wrestler
  • Thomas Riggs, Jr. (1873–1945), American politician and governor of Alaska