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Usage examples of "rifleshot".

Another Rabbit missed a rifleshot from two meters away because instead of aiming he waved his weapon wildly in the direction of his target before jerking the trigger.

Now and then a pirate took a rifleshot, but that was more from lack of discipline than a target at which to shoot.

From a high hill within rifleshot of the houses a watcher could see no fewer than six Boer camps to the east and north.

From behind them came a sudden explosion, as sharp and limber as that first high-powered rifleshot but far louder.

Now they were out of rifleshot from the city, and he doubted if there were any mortars or waldoes alerted yet.

Running almost immediately at top speed out upon the barrial with the long whaang of the rifleshot rolling after them and caroming off the rocks and yawing back across the open country in the early morning solitude.

And then he said, and he didnt look at me, he just looked out across the yard, and he said: He was the best rifleshot I ever saw.

THE exchange of rifleshots lasted only a few moments without causing casualties to either side.

Beverly Marsh had shown up around three o'clock, wearing faded jeans and toting a very old Daisy air rifle that had lost most of its pop - when you pulled its tape-wrapped trigger, it uttered a wheeze that sounded to Richie more like someone sitting on a very old Whoopee Cushion than a rifleshot.