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Riflemaker is a contemporary art exhibition space in London specialising in exhibiting and representing emerging artists.The building is an historic gunmaker's workshop off Regent Street (built in 1712, it is one of the oldest public buildings in the West End of London). Riflemaker is also a publisher of artists books and holds a variety of events including poetry, music, film events, talks/discussions and performances in the space.

Recent exhibitions have included portraitist Stuart Pearson Wright in a dual painting and film exhibition featuring the actress Keira Knightley in her debut art-film performance, and photographs of voodoo ritual in Haiti by Leah Gordon (co-curator Venice Biennale Haitian Pavilion 2011) as well as a themed exhibition on the disappearance of the ANALOG world - particularly with regard to print photography and recorded music. In 2006, the gallery stopped being Riflemaker for four months and transformed itself into the seminal London art space Indica Gallery (active from November 65 - November 66), with a changing exhibition of work actually shown at Indica and a series of performances including Peter Whitehead (film) and Yoko Ono (Bagism).

The current programme includes's Berlin collective Artists Anonymous and poem machines by the American kinetic pioneer Liliane Lijn in conjunction with Sir John Soane's Museum (Lijn is currently featured in the exhibition Ecstatic Alphabets at MoMA New York); Belfast sculptor Tim Shaw's figurative installation Soul Snatcher Possession, 1970's photo-collages by Penelope Slinger and flipbook films by Juan Fontanive. Current and upcoming exhibitions include Leah Gordon's Caste Portraits (June–July) and a performative exhibition by Alice Anderson in October 2012.