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Usage examples of "rifle-gun".

Right then I was wishful for my rifle-gun, for with it I could have stopped that buggy before it got from sight.

Ever' two, three days she'd take down her rifle-gun and fetch home a bear from the woods.

You might find one of the McCoys with an extry rifle-gun, although folks hereabouts only has what they need, mostly.

If that one could shoot, there would be places he could lay his rifle-gun on a rest and take out any one of us at a distance.

We could go into that town and I could buy me a new rifle-gun, biding the time I could recover my own.

I taken my bag inside and put it down with the rifle-gun and peeked out through the shutter slats.

I began to think about takin' my rifle-gun and playin' Injun down through the woods until I found their camp.

Until the white man came along with his rifle-guns the grizzly was king of the world.

That meant takin' a chance on being caught up with, but having a rifle-gun meant all the difference.

I thought for a minute of takin' that new rifle-gun and layin' up on a bend of the creek with it.

My new rifle-gun lay beside me, my pistol was close to hand, the other Doune pistol was still in the carpetbag, also close by.

Y' see, I been leavin' my rifle-gun t' home most times whin I'm out 'n about .