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n. (plural of riff English) vb. (en-third-person singular of: riff)

Riffs (album)

"Riffs" is the twenty-sixth studio album by the English rock group Status Quo, released in 2003. Ten tracks were cover versions of pop and rock standards, the other five were re-recordings of songs they had previously issued during the 1970s. The initial release also included a bonus 9-track DVD, featuring footage recorded for television programmes and also the video for the 2002 Top 20 hit 'Jam Side Down', recorded on HMS Ark Royal.

The booklet includes studio (non-performing) pictures of the group taken at Powderham Castle, Devon, where they played a gig shortly before completing the album.

Usage examples of "riffs".

It is even rumored that on cold winter nights, he weights himself with a lump or two of coal and plays eerie Hank Williams riffs on the organ.

At that, the crowd went wild, and the guitarist played the most frenzied and hackneyed classical Spanish riffs imaginable.

Not a conjugal carelessness: he had not talked with her so very often that all her riffs and vamps were second nature to him.