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n. sampling by use of a riffler vb. (present participle of riffle English)

Usage examples of "riffling".

He reached over and removed a wad of the hard copy from the basket, riffling through the pages.

Capiam was riffling through the thin hide pages, trying in his haste not to crack the brittle fabric, forcing himself to recall exactly when Master Gallardy had delivered those lectures on 'unusual techniques'.

He seated himself, placed the piece of paper that he had brought with him on the table, and started riffling through the thinly coated plastic pages of the COM Tower records.

He broke off, clearing his throat and riffling the pages he had been reading.

She began withdrawing the documents one by one, riffling through and then replacing them.

I was sitting in one of the chairs now, riffling the leaves of the first volume with a mixture of curiosity and guilty pleasure.

Hundreds of them lay clustered together in haphazard cairns as if awaiting a bonfire: bindings snapped, covers awkwardly tented or flung open like wings, exposed pages lop-eared and riffling in the light breeze from the destroyed door.

They appeared be looking for something, he said, because they had been snatching each book from the shelf, frantically riffling through it, then tossing it aside before moving on to the next one.

Still more were represented not in the flesh but by carvings – grotesque and menacing creatures with two heads and dozens of flailing limbs – or in an enormous book whose pages were riffling back and forth with each heave of the ship.

For a moment, all of our faces fled across his, like a riffling of the family cards.

I decided to save it for later and was about to stow it when a final riffling of the pages brought a brief poem into view.

Thomas spent several minutes riffling through the collection of possessions spread all over his office floor.

The Commissaire remained when the other four had left, riffling through the papers on which the schoolmaster had apparently been working the night before.

Ortiz was off having his face attended to by one of the French doctors, while his friend was riffling through the CIA officer's papers.

My Bible-cum-field guide, meanwhile, lay three quarters of the way down the slope, its pages riffling in the breeze like the wings of lazily mating moths.