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vb. (en-past of: riffle)

Usage examples of "riffled".

It riffled through the gorse and tufted heather on the moors and molded the twilled woollen skirts of her dun-colored sporting costume around her legs as Jacinda waited, her fowling musket braced against her shoulder, while her Brittany spaniel flushed the pair of red grouse feeding on the tender shoots of new heather.

They had to be the thing of mine she'd had that I would be needing—only they were not really mine, though as I riffled through I recognized them on one level and was puzzled by them on another.

I withdrew my packet of Trumps and riffled through them until I located one I hadn't used in a long, long time.

As Greene quickly riffled a few pages, and then held the document open, it was clear to Todd that the man was totally familiar with the contents.

Kai removed the knives from Dimenon's and Portegin's boots, unclipped a hammer from Portegin's belt, riffled Lunzie's supplies for antiseptic splashes and a couple of pain sprays, rolled up two of the thin thermal blankets to transport any fruit they found, and left without another glance at Tor.

Carmen passed it over to Lance who quickly riffled through pages, trying to find personal references.

He riffled through the pages and came to one of a holder he'd interviewed.

Syrtunu riffled and tried to lift off, but Uthacalthing's corona lay limp, too lazy to abet the glyph.

Stiff easterly winds riffled the lawnlike slopes, tugging at stringy rubbish blown in earlier from the distant mountains.

The wind riffled through the longer front section of his dark gold hair and billowed through his loose white shirtsleeves.

Syrtunu riffled and tried to lift off, but Uthacalthing’s corona lay limp, too lazy to abet the glyph.

I copied the name and address on to a piece of paper, then riffled through the rest of the catalogue, searching in vain for anything else he or his heirs might have put up for auction.