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n. The monetary unit of Cambodia, equivalent to 100 sen, and to 10 kak. Symbol: '''៛'''


n. the basic unit of money in Cambodia; equal to 100 sen


Riel may refer to:

Riel (electoral district)

Riel is a provincial electoral division in the Canadian province of Manitoba. It was created by redistribution in 1968, and has formally existed since the provincial election of 1969. The riding is located in the south-central region of the City of Winnipeg, and is named after Louis Riel, the leader of the 1870 Red River Rebellion.

Riel is bordered to the east by St. Vital, to the south by Seine River, to the north by St. Vital, and to the west by the ridings of Fort Richmond and Fort Garry-Riverview.

The riding's population in 1996 was 20,228. The riding's character is mostly middle-class and upper middle-class. In 1999, the average family income was $63,126, and the unemployment rate was 5.50%. Nine percent of the riding's residents are francophone.

The service industry accounts for 15% of Riel's economy, followed by health and social services at 12.5%.

Riel has usually been represented by candidates of the Progressive Conservative Party, although the New Democratic Party of Manitoba (NDP) have won the seat on three occasions. The current MLA is New Democrat Christine Melnick, who defeated her Progressive Conservative opponent by a margin of about 53% to 38% in 2003. Melnick won again in the 2007 Manitoba election winning with 60% of the vote.

Riel (film)

Riel is a 1979 Canadian biographical television movie about Métis leader Louis Riel.

Usage examples of "riel".

Constance Riel is a statesman rather than a politician, she sees what the machines in my blood could mean for the whole stinking, fevered planet.

Prime Minister Constance Riel wants you protected and used to the fullest extent of your abilities.

Mallory was a good kid, Richard decided absently, with the 5 percent of his processing capability he was using to maintain communication with Constance Riel, Leah, Jenny, Min-xue, and the crippled boy.

And Constance Riel still has more than enough to hang you for treason, Alberta.

Two Mounties bracketed the door, and Riel could hear soldiers outside, see their lights flickering against the broken windows as they moved through the blasted woods beyond.

Riel held the bottle out to Dunsany, and Dunsany looked down at the sleeping girl in her lap, so Riel crossed the room and crouched down beside her to pour.

Wondering how Riel would react to the idea of a worldwide talent search instead of just a local one.

And if Riel wants an excuse for an effective world government, and a common concern and worry .

Casey back until the trip to the shiptree that Riel had ordered had taken place.

Minister Riel still plans to work toward a more effective world government, when the current issue of criminality in Chinese and Canadian actions is resolved.

Both men join Riel, Valens, Patty, and myself in the lobby, all of us nearly unspeaking as we wait for General Frye.

I expected, and a few discreet questions between Riel and our charming guide, the same Mr.

Patty and Riel in civvies, flanked by the stiff spines of a couple of Mounties in plainclothes.

Min-xue and Patty and the Chinese, and let Riel and Frye deal with the guests.

Min-xue and Jenny crouched scuttling toward the end of the long line of curved tables, and hauled Riel into a squat with an ease that surprised them both.