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The Collaborative International Dictionary

Rie \Rie\, n. See Rye. [Obs.] --Holland. Rie grass. (Bot.)

  1. A kind of wild barley ( Hordeum pratense).
    --Dr. Prior.

  2. Ray grass.
    --Dr. Prior.


n. (obsolete form of rye English)


is a feminine Japanese given name. It is also a surname and a short given name for Maria or Hendrika. Notable people with the name include:

Rie (model)

is a Japanese fashion model. Her management agency is Stardust Promotion, which also manages her younger sister, singer Alice. Her full name is . She is of maternal Spanish descent.

Rie debuted in TV on NTV's variety show Ucchan Nanchan no Urinari! in mid-1990s, and sang in the group McKee on the show, releasing Can't Stop My Heart which charted as high as #28. She also has appeared in commercial for companies such as Toyota or Sapporo Beverage and in the 2006 movie Memories of Matsuko (though uncredited). Rie appears regularly in fashion magazines as MISS and BAILA, as well as catalogues for several fashion companies in Japan.

In 2007 she appeared on Remioromen's videoclip for Akanezora. In 2009 she married a businessman from Hong Kong. In late 2011, she announced she was pregnant.

Usage examples of "rie".

The woman beside him was a short tomboyish detective from the sex unit: Carolyn Rie, all freckles and braids and teeth.

Henrey sat head-down for a moment, and Rie looked at Lucas and winked.

By the time everyone was strapped in his proper place, Ries was back in the room, his face as expressionless as though nothing had been said a few moments before.

Half a minute before touchdown, Ries braced his feet against Pawlak and pushed.

Pawlak homed on the voice of the complaining astrophysicist, and in the three minutes it took Ries to process the film managed to make the fellow feel properly apologetic.

The camera tracked beautifully over any sized square of sky that Ries chose to set into its control.

They retreated a little way and Ries rapidly altered the foil armor, bending the sheets and wiring them together until he had a beehive-shaped affair large enough to shield a man.

Since he was belayed to Ries, who could brace himself against the tunnel walls beyond the bend, there was no worry of going back to the surface too rapidly and being unable to stop.

Hanging weightless in a white-glowing tunnel, trying to read a watch through the heaviest solar filter made for space helmets, holding one end of a line whose other end was keeping a man and a fantastically valuable camera from drifting away and becoming part of the solar corona, all the while trying to organize a number of large plastic sacks of pulverized frozen water, ammonia, and methane which persistently gathered around him would have driven a more self-controlled man than Ries to bad language.

Even Ries could think of no solution to this difficulty, when the physicist complained of it on one of his trips for more snow.

He simply observed and photographed, except when Ries dragged him forcibly back to get his shield recharged.

For the physicists this was adequate, but it might not have been for Ries if he had been with them.

Pawlak made his way around the piece of gear and up to Ries, whose attention was directed elsewhere, and reported what had happened.

By the time the engineer arrived, the rest of the group was overwhelming Ries with compliments, and the fellow was grinning broadly.

Then Ries waved his free arm three times as a signal, and they jumped straight up together on the third wave.