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n. Any of the marine turtles of the genus (taxlink Lepidochelys genus noshow=1), found in the Atlantic and Pacific oceans.


n. a marine turtle

Ridley (Metroid)

, also known by his aliases Geoform 187 and The Cunning God of Death, is the primary villain of the Metroid series, despite not technically acting as the main antagonist in the individual games he appears in. He is a draconic extraterrestrial that acts as Samus Aran's archenemy, due to his attack on her homeworld and subsequent killing her parents; despite being destroyed numerous times by her, he is always revived by the Space Pirates continuously feeding him Bio-Matter (which is live flesh and blood). Originally appearing as a subordinate of Mother Brain, the primary antagonist of multiple titles in the Metroid series, he appears in Metroid Prime and Prime 3 by himself in his Meta Ridley form. Despite his monstrous appearance, he is revealed to be very intelligent and capable of speech in the Metroid e-manga, though he does not speak in the Metroid video games.


Ridley may refer to:

Ridley (MCC cricketer)

Ridley (first name and dates unknown) was an English first-class cricketer for Marylebone Cricket Club who was active in the 1800s and is recorded in one match in 1801, scoring 9 runs in his only innings.

Usage examples of "ridley".

Ridley knew it in the ambient before he was entirely awake, and came out of bed in a hurry.

He kept quiet in the ambient and was aware of Ridley leaving it, the other side of the wall.

Sir Patrick is probably just like Ridley, obsessed with that stupid legend and determined to find the Clachan Fala.

Ridley watched as one of the boomerangs passed right through the empennage of the F-16 flown by Luftwaffe Captain Heinz Zwack, sacrificing itself to destroy the fighter.

Ridley ran his fingers across the empennage of the sleek composite aircraft in front of him and whistled.

Ridley made a note to write a counterblast, pointing out that Robin Hood was a criminal and a practical communist, and that no one but a numbskull would hold him up as a hero to children.

Ridley was sent to the Tower and Bonner brought out from the Marshalsea and reinstated in the bishophric of London.

For a time the British seemed to have completely lost touch with Olivier, who suddenly on August 24th struck at a small detachment consisting almost entirely of Queenstown Rifle Volunteers under Colonel Ridley, who were reconnoitring near Winburg.

Bill Shakspeer had made a grate hit with old Bob Ridley, and Ben Jonson was delitin the peple with his trooly grate ax of hossmanship without saddul or bridal.

Much had already transpired, as Adams learned from meetings with John Jay and a young American merchant named Matthew Ridley, whom Adams had met earlier in Holland and who, though he had no official role, seemed to know all that was going on.

When Ridley insisted he must, Adams agreed, but then, putting on his coat to leave, seemed to change his mind.

Dining that evening at his hotel with Matthew Ridley, Adams was in high spirits.

Lawyers in the bunch wanted to talk about the joys of mass torts while pressing close to Ridley.

Ridley kept putting the whipstitch border on what was going to be a jacket in another three weeks of spare-time work.

Scouts, and two brigades of mounted infantry under Colonels Ridley and Hannay.