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The Collaborative International Dictionary

Ridder \Rid"der\, n. One who, or that which, rids.


n. One who, or that which, rids.

Ridder (title)

Ridder ( Dutch - " knight") is a noble title in the Netherlands and Belgium. Traditionally it denotes the second lowest rank within the nobility, standing below Baron, but above the untitled nobility ( Jonkheer) in these countries. "Ridder" is a literal translation of Latin Eques and originally meant "horseman" or "rider". For its historical association with warfare and the landed gentry in the Middle Ages, it can be considered roughly equal to the titles of " Knight" or " Baronet". In the Netherlands and Belgium no female equivalent exists. The collective term for its holders in a certain area as an executive and legislative assembly is named the Ridderschap (e.g. Ridderschap of Holland, Ridderschap of Friesland, etc.).

Usage examples of "ridder".

Lili schrikte voor een spin, die aan een langen, zilveren draad naar beneden zakte, en toen De Woude het dier verwijderde, werden zij beiden zeer geplaagd: zij, als een schuchtere jonkvrouw, hij, als een dapper ridder, die de monsters om haar heen versloeg.

People moved for Art Ridder, thought Ludwig, not the other way around.

Ridder caught sight of Ludwig, rose with a big smile, held out his hand, and guided the reporter into a chair.

As he hung up the radio, Ridder leaned in the window, his face rashy from the heat.

Ridder is short of workers since the lung fever massacred the Wolvers.