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Usage examples of "ricey".

Weetablox, three boxes of ricey krispettes and then does a major dump, downloading the lot into his pants.

But this ferocious old man was so widely dreaded, that so long as he lived no claim was urged by the inhabitants of Riceys, the little village on the further side of the Dent de Vilard.

His heirs asserted their protectorate of the village of Riceys, and so maintained the usurpation.

Mayor of Riceys, a republican, got up this action as a sop to his people.

Thus it required all the hot blast by which the revolution of 1830 inflamed the advocates of the people, to stir up this matter, by which Monsieur Chantonnit, the Maire of Riceys, hoped to give a dramatic turn to his career on the peaceful frontier of Switzerland, and to immortalize his term of office.

Rouxey now that the Court has settled our quarrel with the authorities of Riceys by fixing the boundary line at three hundred feet up the side of the Dent de Vilard.