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n. 1 (context US English) A person, especially a Native American, who cultivates and harvests rice. 2 (context cooking English) A utensil used to extrude soft foods (such as, and especially, cooked potato) through holes about the diameter of a grain of rice. 3 (context US slang derogatory English) An imported automobile from an Oriental country, deemed inferior because it is low-powered and/or cheap. 4 (context US slang derogatory English) A person who drives such an automobile. 5 (context US slang derogatory English) A person who modifies such an automobile using after-market parts to give it the appearance of being more powerful or sporty.


n. a kitchen utensil used for ricing soft foods by extruding them through small holes


Ricer may refer to:

  • Potato ricer, an implement used for food preparation
  • Rice burner, an historic pejorative applied to Asian motorcycles and automobiles that may be modified

Usage examples of "ricer".

I drained my potatoes and put them through the ricer, added butter and a generous amount of hot milk.

Cover with the sauce and put the egg yolks through a ricer into the center.

Press the cheese through a potato ricer or sieve, then add the sugar, salt, butter, lemon juice, and the egg yolks well beaten and mixed with the milk.

He nodded to Susan Richman, the customer service of ricer, and said hello to Tammette Walker, the teller on duty.

As there was no padre among those of ricers who had been captured he began each day by conducting a short service of prayer.