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Douglas Harper's Etymology Dictionary

1846, from Spanish reata (see lariat).


n. a lariat or lasso


n. a long noosed rope used to catch animals [syn: lasso, lariat, reata]


Usage examples of "riata".

Jenna protested, shrinking back against the wall as the shadowy form of Riata seemed to loom larger in front of her.

The voice spoke in her head: Riata, she realized, come to her on his own.

She had found Riata in the babble and spoken with him, but he had only sighed.

Leaning just gently forward out of the perpendicular, easy and nonchalant, with broad slouch-hat brim blown square up in front, and long riata swinging above the head, they swept through the town like the wind!

As the ascent grew steeper he grew proportionately less satisfied with his cargo, and began to pull back on his riata occasionally and delay progress.

His riata was wound around the pummel of my saddle, and so, as he went by he dragged me from my horse and the two animals traveled briskly on without me.

One of them had a riata snatched from a saddlepommel, and with this they tried to bind him.

But he could no longer protect himself from attacks from behind, and the riata was finally passed around his body, pinioning his arms to his sides.

The Mexican jerked on the riata but a second too late, for the heavy slug caught him in the chest.

To have attempted to place a hackamore upon any of the wild creatures in the corral would have been the height of foolishness--only a well-sped riata in the hands of a strong man could have captured one of these.

Vega took them on the roundup when it was time to brand the cattle, each with his own riata so they could help in the task.

He leaped from his pony, the coiled riata in his hand as he touched the ground.

He mounted his own horse and took a turn of the riata round the saddle-horn.

The Star of India, we ordered Chicken Tikka and Lamb Jalfrezi, Aloo Gobi, pilau, riata, and paratha, hot food to warm our frozen hearts.

I hear they make the finest riatas in the country, and I need me a new rope.