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n. (plural of rial English)

Usage examples of "rials".

Shahpur Shamil had arrived at the coffee shop early, passed eighteen thousand rials, about six dollars U.

They also gave him half of the rials they had left, something like one hundred thousand.

The banks paid about one hundred rials for a single dollar, but Moody said the black market rate was better.

I had nearly two hundred thousand rials and one hundred dollars in American currency.

I slipped a supply of Iranian rials out of their hiding place, grabbed Mahtob, and quietly left the house.

An orange-taxi driver is anyone who happens to own a car and wants to earn a few rials by careening down the main roads with a dozen or so passengers jammed inside.

I slipped a few rials inside my clothing and raced down the street with Mahtob and baby Amir in tow, searching for a pay telephone, hoping that I could master its operation.