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Douglas Harper's Etymology Dictionary

from Spanish ria "estuary, river mouth" (adopted as a geological term first in German, 1886), from Latin ripa "stream bank" (see riparian).


n. A submergent coastal landform, often known as a drowned river valley


Ria or RIA may refer to:

RIA (Red de Innovación y Aprendizaje)

The RIA ( Red de Innovación y Aprendizaje), or Leaning and Innovation Network, is a group of education centers that offer members of underserved communities in Mexico access to computers, the Internet and quality education. The RIA is overseen by Fundación Proacceso, a Mexico-based non-profit organization focused on using technology as a tool for education.

Ria (singer)

Ria is a New Zealand R&B/ pop singer. She is best known for her singles Over You and All My Ladies. She attended Auckland Girls Grammar School.

RIA started performing at a young age before progressing in her teens to leading an all-girl band "Vivah" to becoming winners of the national Smokefree Pacifica Beats in 2007. RIA is a graduate from the Music & Audio Institute of NZ (MAINZ) and singing tutor at the Otara Music Centre (OMAC).

RIA (restaurant)

'''RIA ''' was an American restaurant which held two Michelin Stars as of early 2012. It reportedly closed July 27, 2012

The restaurant was located in the Waldorf Astoria Chicago in Chicago, Illinois.

The chef was Danny Grant and he, and his team, served a French styled kitchen.

Usage examples of "ria".

Bin Ria Dem Loa Alem, was the child of the current partnership -- although the biological child of which woman, I never discovered -- and that he was dying of cancer.

Bin Ria Dem Loa Alem will be entitled to full medical care at the Pax base at Bombasino.

We were a strange procession -- Dem Ria and Dem Loa sweeping down the steep staircase ahead of me, then me carrying the flechette pistol and fumbling the rucksack on my back, then little Bin followed by his sister, Ces Ambre, then, carefully locking the trapdoor behind him, Alem Mikail Dem Alem.

Inevitably came the time when he was confronted with the scene of Ria and Louis sharing a mess tin -worse still, the monkey was actually feeding the dog, his deheate little hands guddling around in the tin until they fished out a delicacy which was ffien tossed into the waiting eager mouth.

He could see Kory grinninghe, Beth, and Ria were seated beside the Prince and Princess in seats of honorand Beth shot him a thumbs-up of approval.

At de highway, de Lawd prepared a friend to carry me to Union, and when I got dar I take and lay hands on Ria Rice, she laying down and suffering, and I sot down and laid my hand on her.

Aenea was gone when Dem Ria, Dem Loa, and the trooper on guard came into the room.

Father Clifton was younger than I, short -- but not as short as Dem Ria or Dem Loa or her race -- and pudgy, with thinning, sandy hair receding from his friendly, flushed face.

But then, I realized, I probably would not last more than thirty seconds with Dem Loa or Dem Ria either.

Bettik and the others at Taliesin West, the old poet on Hyperion, Dem Loa and Dem Ria and their family on Vitus-Gray-Balianus B, Father Glaucus in the frozen air tunnels of Sol Draconi Septem, Cuchiat and Chiaku and Cuchtu and Chichticu and the other Chitchatuk on that same world -- Aenea had been sure that Father Glaucus and our Chitchatuk friends had been murdered after we left that world, although she had never explained how she could know that -- and I thought about others I had left behind, working my way back to my last sight of Grandam and the Clan members waving as I left for Home Guard service many years ago.

I was thinking about the people who had helped me on Vitus-Gray-Balianus B, Dem Ria, Dem Loa, and their families.

But as distasteful and disorienting as these descents into moral vacuum and mental nightmare were to me, they were balanced by a taste again of the warmth of such friends as Dem Loa, Dem Ria, Father Glaucus, Het Masteen, A.

Turning, and then with keen interest, as Brennen and a small man standing behind the other lounger explained the theory of RIA design.

Alliance meets tomorrow on Ria to discuss the coming trade agreements with Kittimatt and the rest of the Streng sector.

Now Bel and Ria merged into Bel Ria, a composed purposeful little figure who was often to be seen on the back roads between Devonport and The Cedars, trotting along in his uneven but fast gait, looking neither to left nor to right, undiverted by other dogs, even interesting smells, intent only on reaching his alternative world.