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The Collaborative International Dictionary

Rhumb \Rhumb\, n. [F. rumb, Sp. rumbo, or Pg. rumbo, rumo, probably fr. Gr. ??? a magic wheel, a whirling motion, hence applied to a point of the compass. See Rhomb.] (Navigation) A line which crosses successive meridians at a constant angle; -- called also rhumb line, and loxodromic curve. See Loxodromic.

To sail on a rhumb, to sail continuously on one course, following a rhumb line.


n. 1 (context navigation English) A line which crosses successive meridians at a constant angle 2 (context navigation English) One of the 32 points of the compass (compass points) 3 (context navigation English) A unit of angular measure equal to 1/32nd of a circle or 11.25°


n. a line on a sphere that cuts all meridians at the same angle; the path taken by a ship or plane that maintains a constant compass direction [syn: rhumb line, loxodrome]


Usage examples of "rhumb".

Greenland-Iceland-Norway gaps which cut the top arc of the circle route, like opening a breakfast boiled egg in what navigators referred to as a Rhumb Line.

Scatflinger was lying on the gurney, quiescent, his head freshly shaved, blue lines drawn on his scalp like the rhumb lines of an ancient navigator.

His eyes were no longer focused on meridians, parallels, and rhumb lines.

Mariners were particularly interested in marking a rhumb line on a map that would indicate the shortest distance from one point to another.

And the straight line drawn on the chart did not waver in its straightness, and as far as Fleming would know--for he, as the frequent bursts of machine gun fire testified, was not overly interested in navigation--the launch was still hugging closely the rhumb line to Venusburg.

In 1568 the Flemish geographer Gerhard Kremer (better known by the Latinized version of his last name, Mercator) put out a map of the world plotted in such a way that the rhumb lines were straight.

Maps for navigation based on Mercator's scheme could be easily marked with rhumb lines, and many of them were therefore put in, crossing and crisscrossing.

Hornblower's mind, if it was thinking about anything at all at that moment, was thinking about rhumb lines.