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RHP may refer to:

  • 1st Parachute Hussar Regiment (French: 1er Régiment de Hussards Parachutistes or 1er RHP), an airborne cavalry unit in the French army
  • Red House Painters, an American alternative rock group
  • Resource holding potential or power, a measure of an animal's fighting ability
  • Rödelheim Hartreim Projekt, a German rap group
  • Rogers Home Phone, a subsidiary of Rogers Communications
  • Right-half-plane, a concept in the Nyquist criterion used in designing feedback control systems
  • Right-Hand Path, a term used in Western esotericism
  • Rolling Hills Preparatory School in Los Angeles
  • Rio Hondo Prep in Arcadia, CA
  • Right-Handed Pitcher
  • RHP (film), Fujichrome 400 D Professional and Fujichrome Provia, a series of professional Fujifilm color reversal films with a film speed of ISO 400
RHP (film)
  1. redirect Provia

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