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Douglas Harper's Etymology Dictionary

river in southeastern France, from a pre-Indo-European element *rod- meaning "to flow."


n. (context Scotland English) A horizontal section of guttering, collecting rainwater from a roof.

Rhone (disambiguation)

Rhone can refer to:

  • Rhone, one of the major rivers of Europe, running through Switzerland and France
  • Rhône Glacier, the source of the Rhone River and one of the primary contributors to Lake Geneva in the far eastern end of the canton of Valais in Switzerland
  • Rhône (department), a department in France
  • Rhône wine, a wine grown in France
  • The RMS Rhone, a famous shipwreck
  • Gnome et Rhône, a French aircraft engine factory
  • Le Rhône, a type of aircraft engine
  • Arthur Rhoné (1836–1910), an amateur French Egyptologist.

The Rhône (; ; ; Walliser German: Rotten ; ; ; ) is one of the major rivers of Europe, rising in Switzerland, passing through Lake Geneva and running through southeastern France. At Arles, near its mouth on the Mediterranean Sea, the river divides into two branches, known as the Great Rhône (French: Le Grand Rhône) and the Little Rhône (Le Petit Rhône). The resulting delta constitutes the Camargue region.

Rhône (department)

Rhône (; ) is a French department located in the central Eastern region of Auvergne-Rhône-Alpes. It is named after the river Rhône.

Usage examples of "rhone".

With a charging army of twenty-four troops, the cardinal blazed west over the Rhone River bridge, away from Avignon, toward the Apocrypha Archive and toward a wicked thunderhead swallowing up the horizon like some advancing black plague.

After attending to some other gospel-service at Grenoble, they resumed their journey, held meetings in Valence and the neighborhood, and crossing the Rhone, entered Ardeche.

When he came back with the waterbottle full, he was no doubt surprised to find me perfectly calm, and in no disorder of any kind, and a few minutes afterwards I went out to cool myself by the banks of the Rhone.

Something short of the summit of the Saint Gothard pass, the great road of the Furca diverges to the right, passes the Rhone Glacier, enters the Rhone Valley, and conducts you to Brieg and the foot of the Simplon.

A streak of dull, unnatural light was seen in the quarter which lay above the meadows of the Rhone, and nearly in a direction with the peak of Mont Blanc, which, though not visible from this portion of the Leman, was known to lie behind the ramparts of Savoy, like a monarch of the hills entrenched in his citadel of rocks and ice.

For a charming week we wandered up the Valley of the Rhone, and then, branching off at Leuk, we made our way over the Gemmi Pass, still deep in snow, and so, by way of Interlaken, to Meiringen.

Rhone Valley when Bolan pulled the BMW sedan off the expressway and drove through a deserted rest area to the gas station.

I had a comrade in those days--a tall fellow, with a cast in his eye, but as good as gold--and his name was Jacques Monier, and he was born inland on the Rhone.

The home of his boyhood, the rushing of the Rhone, a seat in a shady nook of the garden, Madeline, his sister, prattling beside him, and his mother singing somewhere about the house--it all came back and went over him and through him, making his heart sink strangely, while another voice, the sweetest ever heard--but she was ineffable and her memory a forbidden fragrance.

As I was pretending to think of a place where two rivers were sufficiently near to each other to fulfil the requirements of the oracle, Semiramis herself suggested that Lyons was watered by the Rhone and the Saone, and that it would be an excellent place for the ceremony.

It was inconceivable that the Alemanni could have strayed so far from their Rhone forests, for Autun was a good hundred miles from the previous limits of their invasions.

The Rhone Valley and the Midi seem to have been marked both by anticlericalism and militant Catholicism, and the revolutionary settlement was most widely accepted in the Seine Valley, the Paris region and in the poorest regions of central France, where the attraction of a better stipend for curates may well have been a decisive factor.

At the same time other glaciers came down from the heights of Schihallion on the west, and, descending through the valley of the Tay, joined the great masses of ice in the valley of Strathmore, thus combining with the eastern ice-field, just as the glacier from Mont Blanc and the valley of the Rhone formerly combined in the western part of Switzerland with those of the Bernese Oberland.

Rhone once received as tributaries all the glaciers coming down into that valley from the southern slope of the Bernese Oberland, and from the northern slope of the Valesian Alps, and at one time also from the eastern slopes of the range of Mont Blanc.

My intention was, if Caderousse was alone, to acquaint him with my presence, finish the meal the customhouse officers had interrupted, and profit by the threatened storm to return to the Rhone, and ascertain the state of our vessel and its crew.