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n. (context linguistics English) The part of a sentence that provides new information regarding the current theme.


Rheme may refer to:

  • In semiotics, a sign that represents its object with respect to quality; see Semiotic elements and classes of signs (Peirce)#Classes of signs
  • In linguistics, what is being said about a topic; see Theme–rheme

Usage examples of "rheme".

It all had a fine authoritative sound, and Rheme wondered briefly if he was saying anything at all true or relevant to the situation.

A wrong word and the filthy fanatic would catch on to the fact that Rheme knew next to nothing and was fishing for information.

Getting anything but brou into space took some doing, though Rheme was getting to be an expert at it.

Wuyllum was being very slow on the load, and Rheme cursed to himself while his face went on being disinterested.

Let him think whatever he damned well liked, but let Rheme get Maybelle off Jubal and away from Honeypeach Thonks.

Everything that was happening on Jubal told Rheme that only force would work, and yet so far as he knew, no one in CHAIN had taken that into account.

Right now it's got my mule breedin' files and Jem's agridiv files, and anythin' else he or Rheme Gentry thinks is important enough to hold onto-includin' at least six copies of all the evidence Rheme's come up with in the Governor's office-along with all the stun rifles we could steal from the armory and all the charge cubes we could steal from troop supply.

Up until just recent, Rheme was gettin' a lot of information out, and I figure the PEC might figure it had about enough evidence by now.

Luckily Rheme had alerted them to provide a backup escape, just in case she didn't get away.

Donatella Furz, who had been alerted by both Clarin and Rheme, circled through the gathering men, her long legs ticking off the distance as she searched for one particular participant.

However, he did mention his displeasure to Rheme, who mentioned it to Clarin, and both of them told me.