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RFUGrey is a primarily freeform hardcore label located in the UK and promoting the distribution of free music. As a sub-label to RFU Recordingz, RFUGrey is the recording and distribution arm to The Grey Room, which manages and licenses artists of various genres.

The RFUGrey website states that their aim is to "promote and provide high quality musical and visual content to a broad and wide ranging audience", and all released RFUGrey recordings are available free for download on the label's website, in the form of high-quality MP3s.

Opening the label to the public on 14 January 2006, Tom Wright, an influential freeform DJ and producer now under the Cube::Hard alias, was formerly known as Stargazer and has produced and remixed numerous popular tracks under that moniker as well. Though, as Stargazer and Cube::Hard, the majority of his releases are in the hard range of freeform music, he appears also to be experimenting with different, sometimes much lighter styles of music with his new label, as is shown in some of the "projects" available on the website. The label's third release also features a much more laid-back, minimalist style.