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ID’S RFQ-hub is a software and computing services company dedicated to the finance industry. The company develops the multi-dealer trading solution RFQ-hub (request-for-quote hub) for cash equity (ETFs and PT) and cross assets listed and OTC derivatives (F&O, Total Return Swaps, Variance Swaps, Forwards…). RFQ-hub organises the transactional workflow, allowing asset managers to send and receive competing and tradable quotes electronically from a pool of global investment banks, directly from their own systems. RFQ-hub allows receiving selected trade axes & indication of interests from sell-sides. It provides business intelligence and statistical reports including brokers’ review or Client Relationship Management analytics. The Deutsche Börse Group (EUREX) acquired a minority stake in ID’S in November 2010. The software connects via encrypted Internet and can connect through a proxy server. RFQs and Routed Orders can all be created manually on our front-end. They can also be imported from OMS using: • FIX: RFQ-hub is used as the destination for the order, the price is then negotiated electronically by you and the completed transaction report sent back to your OMS, even where your trading counterparty may not have FIX. • Excel files import / export. • Open API WebService.

Specialties : Price discovery & transparency, Online dealing Automation, STP and trade administration, listed and OTC derivatives, Brokers' review, statistics and business analytics

Category:Electronic trading systems