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The Rede Ferroviária Federal, Sociedade Anônima (RFFSA) (, Federal Railroad Network) was the state owned national railway company of Brazil created from Brazilian Federal Law #3.115 on March 16, 1957, after several railroads were nationalized by the Brazilian government. However, the railroad did not take full effect until September 30, 1957. The RFFSA unified 42 railways together (both on documents and actual railroads), creating a regional system composed of 22 railroads. The goal of the RFFSA was to promote and advance the railroad sector of Brazil, creating a north-south-east-west rail network in all five regions of Brazil. But it failed and the RFFSA only served four of the five regions with a north-south rail network within 19 units of the federation of Brazil. By 1999, the railroad was liquidated and privatized, with the last liquidations occurring in 2007.