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Douglas Harper's Etymology Dictionary

also R.F.D.; 1882, American English, it stands for rural free delivery.


RFD and RfD are abbreviations that may refer to:

  • RFD (magazine), a magazine for rural gay men
  • RFD-TV, a television network
  • Rear flank downdraft, an area of quickly descending air associated with strong thunderstorms
  • Reference dose, the US EPA's maximum acceptable oral dose of a toxic substance
  • Rally of Democratic Forces, a political party in Mauritania
  • Reserve Force Decoration, an Australian Military Award
  • Rural Free Delivery, the postal system to rural areas of the United States
  • Chicago Rockford International Airport's IATA code
  • RFD, a safety equipment company founded by Reginald Foster Dagnall
  • Registered Firearms Dealer, an acronym found in UK Firearms legislation
  • Room For Debate, a column in the New York Times
RFD (magazine)

RFD: A Country Journal for Gay Men Everywhere is a reader-written magazine focused on gay country-living and alternative lifestyles. Founded in 1974, the magazine has been edited at various locations and by different communities over the course of its existence. While predating the Radical Faeries movement, it has long been associated with Faeries. The magazine is currently published on a quarterly basis from New England.