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RFB or RfB may refer to:

  • Radio Free Britain, A national identity Internet Radio Station and Blog, Identitarian political group with no political leaning except towards British identity
  • Rain-free base, a portion of a thunderstorm cloud base associated with the updraft that is (completely or relatively) devoid of precipitation
  • Really Free Band, a British Christian Rock band
  • Reichenbachfall-Bahn, a funicular in the Swiss canton of Berne.
  • RFB protocol, a simple protocol for remote access to graphical user interfaces
  • "Room, Food, and Beverage", see Comps (casino)
  • Rotfrontkämpferbund, German of "Red Front Fighters' League", a paramilitary organization of the Communist Party of Germany
  • Rhein Flugzeugbau, a German aircraft company
  • Kel-Tec RFB, a gas-operated semi-automatic rifle
  • Radio Free Burrito, A podcast by Wil Wheaton