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The Collaborative International Dictionary

Reyn \Reyn\, n. Rain or rein. [Obs.]


In fluid dynamics, the reyn is a British unit of dynamic viscosity, named in honour of Osbourne Reynolds, for whom the Reynolds number is also named.

Reyn (disambiguation)

Reyn may refer to

  • The Rhine, a river in Europe
  • Reyn, a unit of viscosity
  • Reyn Ouwehand, Dutch record producer, multi-instrumentalist and composer
  • Reyn, a character from Xenoblade Chronicles
  • Reyn Time, what time it always is.

Usage examples of "reyn".

Upon entering the posh private club, Reyn knew certain men there considered him quick to temper, arrogant and ruthless.

Standing a head taller than most, Reyn easily scanned the elegant room, a haven of masculine pursuits: cigars, alcohol and cards.

Before Reyn answered, two acquaintances passed by offering their best wishes.

No matter how strong his urge to strangle Walter, or to pull the blond curls from his head one by one, Reyn knew his friend was right.

The pompous man nudged Reyn in the side, a lewd smile plastered on his face.

In a simmering state of anger, Reyn continued to brood over unanswered questions as his carriage lumbered through the crowded streets of London toward the quiet, exclusive section of May fair.

Before the horses had completely stopped, Reyn jumped from the carriage and pushed those troubling thoughts from his mind.

The minute she saw Reyn standing behind his desk, she turned and fled the room without another word.

Disoriented, Reyn shook his head as if the slight action might erase the last hour.

Considering their strange behavior and even stranger request, Reyn walked a few paces, stopped and looked back at the pair.

Leaning against the mantel of the fireplace, Reyn appeared even more handsome than she remembered.

Since Reyn believed Agatha had followed his orders and annulled the marriage, she knew it would be best if she chose a topic far from wedlock and seduction.

Leaning forward, his gaze on the liquid in the glass he held, Reyn changed the subject yet again.

Jocelyn exaggerated an enormous yawn while she crossed the dark oak floor, Reyn and the cat following closely on her heels.

Jocelyn ascended halfway up the marble staircase, turned as if considering her options and looked down at Reyn, who leaned lazily on the oak banister, a triumphant smile on his face.