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Reya (caste)

The Reya are a Hindu caste found in the states of Haryana and Delhi in India. They are also known as Raya Tanwar, and have accorded Other Backward Classes status in Delhi.

According to their traditions, they were originally Rajputs who adopted the practice of widow remarriage, a practice forbidden among higher caste Hindus, and as such became distinct from the Rajputs. Their customs are similar to other Hindu agrarian castes of the region such as the Ror and Jats. They are strictly endogamous, and are only found in nine villages, with their ancestral home being Mehrauli.

It is also a girls name.


Reya may refer to:

  • Reya (caste), a Hindu caste
  • Reya, a synonym of Burchardia, a genus of herbs endemic to Australia
  • Reya, a diminutive of the Russian female first name Avreya
  • Ivrin Reya Osathanond, real name of Charm Osathanond (b. 1987), Thai actress, model, and host
  • Reya, Soviet radar copied by the Chinese as the Type 351 Radar