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Revis was an American post-grunge band from Carbondale, Illinois. They released one major label album, Places for Breathing, in 2003 before disbanding in 2005. The band reunited five years later in 2010, and completed work on a second album, Do We Have to Beg?. They intended on releasing it on May 20, 2011, however, "legal issues" and internal disagreements kept the album from being released. While initially claiming they plan on re-recording the whole album, almost a year later, in May 2012, the band announced they had broken up for a second time, without any intentions on releasing the second album.

Usage examples of "revis".

But as she turned down Louisiana Street, she was radically revis ing her opinion.

Et les patriarches, les apotres, les dames en collerette de guipure, prolongeaient dans mes reves leur vie surnaturelle.