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The Collaborative International Dictionary

Reve \Reve\, v. t. To reave. [Obs.]


Reve \Reve\, n. [See Reeve.] An officer, steward, or governor. [Usually written reeve.] [Obs.]
--Piers Plowman.


n. (obsolete form of reeve nodot=true English) (local official).


Reve, Reves, Revé, or Rêve may refer to:

Usage examples of "reve".

She had opted, sensibly she was sure, to concentrate on leaving her mark on Beaux Reve instead.

Storri addressed as San Reve and who, following the touch that startled Storri, had taken his arm, was a woman.

Still, if Mademoiselle San Reve took notice of his insincerity, she kept the fact to herself.

Harley house, Storri and the San Reve continued slowly on their way, turning now east, now south, until after ten minutes of walking they entered a narrow thoroughfare to which the street lamp on the corner gave the name of Grant Place.

Storri consigned his overcoat and hat to the rack in the hall as though his surroundings were familiar, and he with the San Reve passed into what in the original plan of the house had been meant for a drawing-room.

The place had been granted the San Reve at the request of Senator Hanway, who was urged thereunto by Mr.

The forehead gave proof of brains, and yet the San Reve was one more apt to act than think, particularly if she felt herself aggrieved.

Storri trying to seem brave, the San Reve with staring courage, open and more real.

San Reve delivered this sentiment in a serene, high way that brought her honor.

Storri, encouraged in his soul by the return of his San Reve to reason, solaced himself with a fresh cigar.

Then he returned, and, giving his hand to the reclining San Reve, drew her to her feet.

Storri on that jealous evening left the San Reve, his nerves were somewhat tossed and shaken.

San Reve, took that pertinacious beauty into his confidence, lying wheRever it was inconvenient to tell the truth, and bragging always like a Cheyenne.

To prove his own superior cleverness, Storri told the San Reve how he trapped Mr.

Hanway-Harley, whose conversation the satirical Storri told the San Reve was as the conversation of a magpie.