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It was obvious, to Calli at least, that Revar was a constant reminder of the little boy whose life Sadone had so viciously snuffed out eight years before.

Finally, his will overcame his emotions, and he turned to Revar, squatting down to meet him face to face.

They looked up to see Revar sitting perched on the edge of a shallow shelf that jutted about two feet from the ceiling.

Erone had been too impatient to wait, and had ridden ahead to meet the traveling party that consisted of Calli, Revar, and ten men-at-arms, who only accompanied them until the prince arrived before Calli sent them back to the city.

She knew very well what he was doing and seemed intent to help out, but Revar would have none of it.

The front door faces the hillside of Mont Revard, and on this side Mr.

For you will remember that whereas your rooms look out to the front and on to the slope of Mont Revard, Wethermill's look out over the garden and the town of Aix.