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n. (plural of retort English) vb. (en-third-person singular of: retort)

Usage examples of "retorts".

In its corners he could see the gleam of retorts and quicksilver-flasks and fine balances, the glow of furnaces.

Not all operations demanded a furnace, and so there were tables, too, sheathed in peened copper, supporting oil-lamps that painted the round bottoms of flasks and retorts with yellow flame.

He entered a big room filled with things he knew it would be a bad idea to touch: glowing tabletop furnaces, murky fluids bubbling in retorts above the flames of spirit-burners, flames as blue as Eliza’s eyes.

Everything that gave light back was hard mineral stuff, the inert refractory elements to which nature always returned: crusty crucibles, sooty retorts, corroded tongs, black crystals of charcoal, globs of quicksilver trapped in floor-cracks, a box of golden guineas left open next to a window as if to prove to all passers-by that the man who lived here cared nothing for gold.

You can deed my share of the mine to whoever is willing to bring up the retorts, and a man who can keep the engine running.