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vb. To tie again; to tie something that has already been tied or was tied before.


v. tie again or anew; "retie the string and make it strong enough now"


Retie is a municipality located in the Campine region of the Belgian province of Antwerp. The municipality comprises the town of Retie proper and several hamlets of which Schoonbroek is the largest. On 1 January 2012 Retie had a total population of 10,799. The total area is 48.39 km² which gives a population density of 213 inhabitants per square kilometre.

The Francophone name of Retie is Réthy.

Usage examples of "retie".

He rolled her onto her back, and even gave her a moment to stretch and rub away some of the pins and needles before seizing her wrists to retie them at the front.

I stopped at the edge of the woods to brush the leaves and dirt from my clothes and to smooth back my hair and retie it in a tail.

He had not bothered to retie his cravat, but other than that, he looked immaculate.

Poppy put her right foot up on the coffee table and began fooling with her sneaker lace, like it was loose and she needed to retie it.

Sailors rushed to assess the damage and to retie lines that had been whipped loose by the force of the gale.

Still, Maia continued spending part of each day unwinding lengths of tough fiber and retying them into a finger-width strand, trying to imitate by memory the weaving patterns used by sailors aboard the Wotan.

Juan Cordova was tall, I noted, as he sat down, retying the sash of the maroon silk robe which hung loosely upon his spare frame.

On the pretense of wanting a drink himself, he reclaimed the jug from the little one, retying it to his saddle after a quick swallow.

She then put one foot upon a couch to retie her garter, and when she put up the other foot I saw beauties more enticing than Eve's apple.