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respiratory rate

n. The number of breaths taken in a specified time (usually a minute)

respiratory rate

n. the rate at which a person inhales and exhales; usually measured to obtain a quick evaluation of a person's health [syn: rate of respiration]

Respiratory rate

Breathing (which in organisms with lungs is called ventilation and includes inhalation and exhalation) is a part of respiration. The rate at which breaths occur, usually measured in breaths per minute, is called the ventilation rate, or, by long-standing convention, the respiratory rate (despite that in precise usage ventilation is a hyponym, not a synonym, of respiration).

Usage examples of "respiratory rate".

Supraclavicular retractions, respiratory rate is almost forty and he's cyanotic.

The old physicist endured her ministrations as she took his blood pressure, temperature, heart and respiratory rate, and prodded him into changing back into his hos­.

Then, too, a region in the brain stem controls the respiratory rate.

I can read his every thought, I can understand the things he says and the things that are said to him, I can monitor his heartbeat and his respiratory rate and the hormonal output of his glandular system.

It could have recorded her skeletal density, her respiratory rate, even her eye color.

As far as the LEP or Opal Koboi were concerned, Captain Short's helmet was no longer broadcasting her heartbeat or respiratory rate.

Main requisites for this are a feeling of complete calm and relaxation, coupled with a slow cardiac and respiratory rate.

The lower air pressure on the mountain heights meant less oxygen, the respiratory rate went up and so did the heart-beat rate, pumping the blood faster.

Low respiratory rate, slow and steady heartbeat, no sign of physical damage—.