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n. (plural of resource English)

Usage examples of "resources".

Stinking, noisy factories processed the resources into large starship components, hull plates and engine cowlings that would be lifted into orbit for assembly into new battleships.

Holtzman still allowed her a minimal level of funding, though Norma required only the resources of her own mind, since her work was primarily theoretical.

Norma thought the Savant should have focused his intellectual resources on something more challenging than smoke and mirrors.

Continuing to fight the matter through the courts could be a serious drain on VenKee resources, so Venport had requested a meeting with Lord Bludd here in Starda and planned to negotiate a compromise.

The climate was calm, while food and resources were abundant, and well-domesticated slaves took care of every need.

Zensunni nomads of Arrakis had learned to live in harmony with the harsh environment, but Selim and his followers went one step farther, scraping by with fewer resources than even the old tribes required.

The Army of the Jihad needed the factories and resources on this planet.

When the time came for the huge coordinated revolt to begin across the Old Empire, Xerxes had killed his obese father, the nominal ruler of the planet, and turned over the full resources of Rodale IX to the Twenty Titans.

Human passion is powerful, but League resources are no match for the forces Omnius can bring to bear against us.

Relentlessly scrounging resources and working nonstop, the remaining machines had rebuilt and reasserted their complete control over the planet in less than a year, like an inexorable tide erasing footprints on a beach.

The world had few resources and a bleak climate just on the survivable edge of harshness.

But how can I make such a commitment of resources, with my business partner missing?

If they did not locate another settlement in that time, they would not have the resources to return.

He had expended no resources and lost no cymek fighters in this initial victory, but still the Titan general needed to enlarge his rebellious force so that he could withstand any outside attack.

Primeros flanked him, looking around in all directions, taking a mental tally of his resources, the merchant ships on the landing field, the gigantic hangars and shipyards in which VenKee Enterprises had invested vast amounts of money.