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vb. To solidify again; to return to a solid state.

Usage examples of "resolidify".

Kirk held his breath, waiting for his guess to be wrong, waiting for solid rock to resolidify around him forever as soon as the transporter beam ended.

If you dispose of the threat, you save the community, resolidify your leadership position, and undermine your detractors.

It punched through and resolidified exactly where it should have, and for the first time proved the computer mathematics.

The medal, a gold oval imprinted with the firebrand and the crescent moon, wavered in his vision for a moment, as if suddenly transformed, and then resolidified into its usual composition.

Some resolidified iron chunks tumbled end over end two kilometers in the air.

With a wave of his hand, the young night elf resolidified the earth, erasing all trace of his victims.

The gleaming spots must be resolidified metal, or soil fused into glass.

The center row of buildings was little more than piles of rubble, bricks and marble and electrical wire, mournful fingers of steel-reinforcement rods sticking into the fiery night, melted glass resolidifying in ugly pools at the bases of the rubble.

The fabric of his uniform was temperature resistant, but the metal resolidifying as a black crust over the khaki had vaporized at something over 4800 degrees.