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n. The process by which something is reshaped. vb. (present participle of reshape English)

Usage examples of "reshaping".

Those of you who employ warrens will no doubt have felt the repercussions, the brutal reshaping of the pantheon.

As the car stops outside her house, he clambers out hastily and dodges behind the garden wall, giving thanks for his perspicacity in not prematurely demolishing it in reshaping the garden.

When all is said and done the inevitabilities and reshapings will have their way, but to remain either complacent or inert in the face of those fatalities is to invite catastrophe of a higher order than any of us dare imagine.

Dune's reshaping — the plantings and the reclamation of the desert — had proceeded at a remarkable pace.

The Shapings had fallen away, and perhaps that meant that Reshapings could bring things to a better resolution.

As has happened already in many of the smaller branches, parapsychology is certain to find itself grouped sooner or later with other fields in one or more of those composite sciences which are reshaping the modern structure of knowledge groupings such as the space sciences, the earth sciences, the microbiological sciences, or such major disciplines as medicine, education, and the like.

And thus, Stimson was all in favor of the current revolt within the Abellican Church, where Brother De’Unnero and Abbot Olin were reshaping the chapels and abbeys in the image of the Order before the days of Avelyn.

Then after it came about that Teres was his only heir, he devoted his all-out efforts to reshaping her into a son.