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The Collaborative International Dictionary

Reshape \Re*shape"\ (r?-sh?p"), v. t. To shape again.

Douglas Harper's Etymology Dictionary

also re-shape, 1798, from re- + shape (v.). Related: Reshaped; reshaping.


vb. 1 to make into a different shape 2 to reorganize

  1. v. shape anew or differently; "The new foreign minister reshaped the foreign policy of his country"

  2. shape again or shape differently [syn: remold]

Usage examples of "reshape".

Here we have the rather banal world of New Age talk-show blather as the public face of a very real and bloody attempt to reshape the world.

Ojo Caliente was constantly being reshaped and rebuilt, in places spongy, in other places cracked and hard and brittle, the stuff of geyserite: a hydrous form of silica, a variety of opal deposited in gray and white concretelike masses, porous, filamentous, and scaly.

They reshaped them, configuring the topology to enhance mathematical prowess, which took us onto a plateau beyond what the neural modifiers had been capable of doing.

But Penner, who had never done this sort of work before, shifted restlessly about, flexing his neck muscles, reshaping the folds of his newspaper, and glancing this way and that.

Myron manipulated his program, unwilling even to blink, until it was completely reformatted, reshaped into its new, improved, configuration.

Stolti clothing for two Warreners versus the whole of a world in his hand, to create and reshape in his vision .

Fleta adapted to the language fairly readily, and with some difficulty learned how to reshape her amoebic body.

Perhaps the best thing to do is to consider the forces which for the last two generations have been challenging and reshaping inherited faiths, and then to consider the outcome of it all in the outstanding religious attitudes of our own time.

While the Fuhrer fiddled, stalling for another few thousand soldiers, for a few more Tiger tanks, the Reds had reshaped the earth inside the Kursk pocket.

But the story-teller, in every case, has so recolored and reshaped his borrowing as to naturalize it.

Just as FOX News is pulling in a younger viewership who will reshape the politics of the future, so these conservative sites are proving particularly popular with younger people, 72 percent of whom are now online in the United States, according to an Online Publishers Association survey.

I would think your sight would be restored as the blood heals and reshapes.

They slammed in with the cybernetic precision of the Mechanists, with the slick unsettling brilliance of the Reshaped.

Those of you who employ warrens will no doubt have felt the repercussions, the brutal reshaping of the pantheon.

As a member of the Reshaped faction, he did not appreciate the reference to the rival Mechanists.