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RER may refer to:

Usage examples of "rer".

Long before there were kings in Karhide, Rer was a city, the marketplace and meeting ground for all the Northeast, the Plains, and Kerm Land.

The Fastness of Rer was a center of learning, a refuge, a judgment seat fifteen thousand years ago.

The time they call the Flowering of Rer, the Summer Century, began then.

By the time I was noticing anything beyond my own toes, the war was over, the West Fall was part of Karhide again, the capital was back in Erhenrang, and most of the damage done to Rer during the Overthrow of Emran had been repaired.

My name is Sov Thade Tage em Ereb, after the old way of naming we still use in Rer.

My name is Sov Thade Tage em Ereb, after the old way of naming we still use in Rer.

Jo Jo could have broken him in two like ig, d Vinnie Rer not ng wi him, or he ere were two big suitca on e flr next to Vine.

For me think hit not semly, as hit is soth knawen, Ther such an askyng is heuened so hy3e in your sale, Tha3 yghe yghourself be talenttyf, to take hit to yourseluen, Whil mony so bolde yow aboute vpon bench sytten, That vnder heuen I hope non ha3erer of wylle, Ne better bodyes on bent ther baret is rered.

Both species preferred yindy, dry land, but the rhinos liked grass and sedge, and true to the goatlike creatures they were, browsed on wood- Large reindeer and the gigantic megaceroses with massive i shared the frozen land, and horses with thick winter coats, e was one animal that stood out among the populations in f the upper course of the Great Mother River, it was mam rer grew tired of watching the huge beasts.