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Etymology 1 n. (context textiles now rare English) rep. Etymology 2

n. (plural of rep English)


Reps is a small town in the Lezhë County, northwestern Albania. At the 2015 local government reform it became part of the municipality Mirditë. It was the seat of the former municipality Orosh. The Vandrushen chromium mines are 4 km outside the village centre.

Usage examples of "reps".

Five reps sell for you, five reps in turn each sell for those reps, and so on and so on.

THL would personally see to it that he and his veteran reps reached Newcolonizedland.

And at the same time, at every Telpor outlet throughout Terra, a total aggregate of roughly two thousand of his toughest veteran field reps will do the same.

Matson that when he and the two thousand LI field reps arrive at the retail outlets of THL they will not be teleported but will be arrested and undoubtedly painlessly murdered.

And, unaffected, their metabolisms insulated by pre-injective antidotal hormones, the two field reps of Lies Incorporated dogtrotted toward the windowless structure, and, as they trotted, brought out small, long-range laser pistols with telescopic sights.

There were calls from sales reps, many of whom I had seen at the show, calls from advertising people, calls from our own franchisees.

The thin figure of Provost-Marshal of Reps and Revs Dido Shappi entered alone.

Provost-Marshal Shappi about which revs and reps to use in this Bullball match, which I take it you interupted, when a rating entered my office unannounced.